I am writing this letter of recommendation for anyone who is seeking superlative naturopathic physician management of their health care.
Are you searching for someone to really listen to your story? Are you searching for someone to let you destress any issues that are upon your heart without judgment? One of my personal problems is expressing feelings of brokenness. Dr. Laurel’s demeanor and personal medical philosophy set up the atmosphere for me to express myself.
For any true healing to occur for me the first critical element of a medical practice is true compassion in listening and connecting with a reassuring face to facilitate putting the puzzle pieces together. Dr. Erath empowers the client’s soul to connect with the issues blocking wellness and this for me is the true gift of a healer. In my years of seeking medical care I have never been asked the questions nor have been empowered and thus never received a sense of achievement or possibilities.
Today I felt I could discuss my issues by being asked why I felt upset. I felt I could express my deepest hurt. Dr. Laurel took the time to reassure me and answer my cry for help. I am confident she will do this for anyone who seeks her services. My best wishes to all.
— SR

I have felt the ripples of our time together throughout my days, it’s been very wonderful! So grateful for you!
— SL

Dr. Laurel, Thank you for helping us today. Your positive energy and good will was inspiring and healing in and of itself. You are wonderful!
— PG & RG

I suffered from chronic heartburn for 10+ years and saw a GI specialist regularly. My symptoms matched GI issues of a middle-aged adult who binged on fast food, but I am an active, health- conscious female in my mid-20’s. In my case, an endoscopy and biopsy performed in 2015 revealed that I have been attacked by H. pylori, a stomach bacteria, for over a decade after failure of treating the bug the first time in 2010. Luckily, my H. pylori was eradicated only after the second course of antibiotics in 2015, but it did major damages to my GI system.

My previous GI specialist recommended a healthy diet to heal the infliction that the bacteria had done, but even vegetables and healthy grains gave me heartburn. So what healthy foods could I eat? He also prescribed me omeprazole and pantaprozole, but what benefit did that serve me in the long run?

My symptoms and condition finally improved after following Dr. Erath’s recommendation. Today, I am thankful to be H. pylori free but also can eat like how the other 20 something year-olds eat. This was all thanks to her patience to listen to my ongoing complaints about my persistent pain and apply her thorough knowledge in naturalpathic medicine to treat me.

”We treat the cause of the symptom,” as she would always say simplistically. Clearly she does that successfully. I cannot be anymore happier with my care. Thank you, Dr. Erath!
— YM

“I wanted to offer my sincere gratitude for the homeopathics you prescribed. I fully recovered without using the antibiotics. Thank you.”
— KM