About Dr. Laurel


I’m Dr. Laurel Erath, naturopathic doctor at Tree of Life Medicine. I’m considered a primary care physician in Vermont, which allows me to perform annual exams, order labs, imaging, and send referrals. I also have prescriptive rights, but I prefer using a natural approach to help someone restore their health. My passion is working with chronic disease and mental health patients because I believe strengthening the mind-body connection is a vital part of guiding someone, step by step, through the healing process. I utilize a variety safe and effective alternatives in the naturopathic toolbox, including dietetics, lifestyle changes, herbal medicine, homeopathy, and oriental medicine. My intent is always to treat the root cause of disease because if you treat the cause, the symptoms resolve on their own.

Originally from New York, I received my bachelor’s degree in general biology from Stony Brook University. I spent the next four years in Arizona at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine. By the end of the four years I looked forward to going back to the east coast and was fortunate to get accepted at a Champlain Center for Natural Medicine's residency program in Vermont.

I graduated from the residency program and am currently accepting new patients at Tree of Life Medicine. Visits are covered according to specific health plans. Most major health insurance companies except Medicare are accepted.